The House of Rolls-Royce

Every story has a beginning, and this is ours. From the early days of daring experimentation, to our vision for the future of luxury, we have been chasing perfection for over a century. Discover the moments that have defined us and made Rolls-Royce an icon across the world. Join us as the story continues to unfold.


Chapter 3 - A vision beyond time


An experimental history

Delve into the experimental past of Rolls-Royce, where EX models have pushed the boundaries of automotive technology for 100 years.

Chapter 2 – Goodwood

There is a place where beauty is made. Where wonder grows freely. A corner of Southern England where dreams are shaped, tested and assembled by sixty pairs of expert hands. A crucible of ideas, driven by the DNA of our founders. Welcome to our home, where Rolls-Royce comes to life.

A greener Goodwood

Designed to work in harmony with the landscape, our award-winning headquarters symbolise our constant strive for perfection. Discover the story behind the Home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars at Goodwood in England.

A private privilege

An invitation to collaborate with the Rolls-Royce Private Office places you in an extraordinary environment, designed to inspire the creation of your perfect motor car.

Chapter 1 – The Spirit of Ecstasy

Our silent guide, an elegant presence inspiring us to perfection in everything we do. For over a century she has moved us forward, the final seal of approval on an unparalleled combination of pace, elegance, engineering and handcraftmanship. This is her story.


The history of Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce has been redefining engineering and craftsmanship for more than a century. We trace the marque’s extraordinary history.

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